Porsche Service

If there is one way to ruin a Porsche,
it’s by having someone work on it that
doesn’t know what they are doing.
At the same time, taking your Porsche
to the dealership for service is a lot like
highway robbery.  

Aaron Murphy has trained extensively
on Porsche repair, and he is very
highly regarded as being one of New
England’s top Porsche technicians. 
But don’t take our word for it…
the proof is in the numbers:

According to Polk Research, there
are 541 registered Porsches in the
State of Maine.  We currently service
142 of those vehicles.  That means
that a third of Maine Porsche
owners bring their cars to our
shop in Gardiner to have them
worked on.  When you consider
that a few hundred Porsches are
still under warranty (so their owners
have to take them to the dealership) –
we think these numbers say a lot about
the quality of service we offer Porsche
owners, and the reputation we have in
the Porsche community.

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