Mini Cooper Service

If you own a MINI Cooper, you know:
there is no MINI Dealership in Maine.
And there are very few places that
work on them. Well, you've come to
the right place. Not only do we work
on MINIs at our shop in Gardiner, Maine,
but we specialize in them.

We are one of only three shops in
Maine to belong to BIMRS, a non-profit
association of Independent BMW and
MINI Service shops, which is dedicated
to education and training. Each year,
we fly our technicians to the annual
BIMRS meeting so they can take
classes in BMW and MINI and get up to
date training by some of the best and
the brightest in the industry, including
trainers from BMW/MINI North America.

Because of our low overhead, we are able
to provide top quality service for your MINI,
at a lower price than the dealerships. In fact,
in many cases, we are a 25-30% more cost
effective choice. Plus, we save you the time
and hassle of driving out of State.

Even if your MINI is under warranty, you can still come
to us for routine service - it will NOT void your factory warranty!

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